Work More Efficiently With the Right Tool Belt Always in Reach

Tool belt is one of the most vital pieces of a builder or tool person's repertoire. A properly device belt keeps you more secure and greater productive on the activity, it continues your palms free when you want them and ensures you have clean get entry to an entire arsenal of gear, no matter in which you are or whilst you want them. Whether you're at the ladder, on the roof, or everywhere out of the shop, a device belt guarantees you will have precisely what you want. You can check the best tool belt in the market - See more...

So device belts are awesome, proper? But what precisely do you inventory them with? How do you discover a stability between being prepared and being completely bogged down by way of odds and ends? The key is understanding the paintings you have beforehand of you and being familiar with the capabilities of every of your hand equipment and add-ons. Foreseeing the future, even though, is lots less complicated said than performed and, hence, I've prepared a list of devices that together incorporate the appropriate, regularly occurring device belt.

But first! Please allow me to provide a few pointers approximately the usage of, sporting and stocking your device belt.

Tool Belt Tips

Ensure you invest in a device belt that designed on your dominant hand. You should not need to attain round your frame to seize your hammer with the hand that swings it.

In your tool belt save your maximum commonly used gear in your dominant facet and the equipment you attain for less frequently in your secondary side.

Keep fasteners (like screws and nails) for your secondary facet so that your "helping-hand" can seamlessly feed fasteners to your dominant hand.

When you need to bend or modify your stability/load, try rotating your tool belt 180-stages. This puts the load behind you and keeps your gear from impeding your motion (particularly in crouched or awkward positions).

If your tool belt receives especially cumbersome, spend money on a pair of extensive-band business suspenders. This will disperse the burden and keep your back.

Don't put your self in a corner with inferior device - put money into splendid gear. You do not have to break the financial institution to buy an awesome product and, if you have to sacrifice excessive-tech for excellent, do it. There is nothing worse to your productiveness or your price range than suffering with poorly fabricated equipment.

And sooner or later, here is a list of vital objects for your tool belt with a brief rationalization of why those equipment are critical and what to search for in an awesome one.

Essential Tools for Your Tool Belt

Pencil and Pen/Sharpie

In your device belt, square chippie's pencils are preferred. Their shape prevents the pencil from rolling and increases their sturdiness. Keep at the least 2 pencils on-hand as you by no means understand when a tip will smash or whilst you will drop one from atop your ladder. Also deliver a pen or everlasting marker for marks that require a touch more distinguishing.


While you could pick out a hammer with a timber, steel or fiberglass take care of, the maximum important aspect to take into account is the best and balance of the hammer as a whole. Ensure the hammer isn't always too flimsy and not too heavy.

4-in-1 Screwdriver

A 4-in-1 screwdriver gives 2 common sizes of each Phillips head and flat-head tips. This eliminates the want to carry a couple of screwdrivers.


If you don't deliver a pouch for your screws and nails, it can't harm to carry a handful of fasteners to your device belt. You never recognize when you may need to update a screw or hammer a few nails; as a consequence, it is also smart to hold numerous sizes.

Nail Sets (inside the three most not unusual sizes)

For putting nails (or driving them beneath a floor) or for poking a hollow or , there may be nothing so beneficial as a nail set. Keep a couple of sizes on-hand and you will use them regularly.

30-Foot Tape Measure

Anything large than a 30-foot tape might not healthy incredibly well (or at all) in a popular device belt. Accordingly, make investments a 30-foot or 25-foot measuring tape with a 1-inch blade (this can ensure better reach with much less buckling). Durability is vital as tapes frequently get knocked round and because you will use the component continuously.

Rafter Square/Speed Square

You may maximum normally use this for marking each straight and angled cuts on without a doubt every reducing fabric. Choose a square fabricated from thick aluminum or thick plastic as the thinner models don't hold up.

Chalk Line

Use a chalk line to mark perfectly directly lines in a flash (or, greater correctly, a "flick"). These are super for marking lengthy cut traces or perimeters, however, as a cautionary story, use best blue chalk on surfaces you want to hold clean (pink chalk will stain).

Utility Knife

You will use an awesome software knife to cut the entirety. You may additionally choose a widespread knife or an upgraded knife with a short-exchange blade. In both case, invest in a better-grade cutter to lessen blade wobble.